At Developing Dancers Melbourne, we provide dedicated & talented classical ballet dancers with the personalised care to flourish in their chosen art form. By empowering young dancers (and their parents/carers) with the knowledge and support to help achieve their goals, our individually tailored ballet coaching compliments (but does not replace) a young dancer’s core curriculum at a quality ballet school.


Enhance your child’s program with private tuition in the Russian Vaganova method (on-site or online), Vaganova school holiday intensives with like-minded dancers, access to independent, professional advice, and open the door to the possibility of ongoing mentorship from a caring, trusted professional.


Our comprehensive “coaching toolbox” caters for dancers across all levels, with one thing in common – the passion for dance and the drive to improve. Kate has taught dancers from the beginner level right through to acceptance into European finishing schools in their late teens, with some of her most recent students accepted into European Ballet School (The Netherlands), Berlin State Ballet School and Palucca Schule (Germany).


Training is suitable for:

  • Children from age 8+ whose parents wish to provide them with solid foundations
  • Late starters working to catch up
  • Pre-professional students perfecting their skills
  • Exam candidates striving for excellence
  • Dancers preparing to audition for professional ballet schools


Parental support is crucial for the success of young dancers, but we know that navigating the complex world of classical ballet can be time-consuming, confusing, expensive. Nonetheless, parents need to make fully informed, timely decisions about their child’s training and pathways from as young as eight or ten years, in order to give them the best chance of success.


Therefore, we also cater to PARENTS seeking independent, honest, professional advice on topics such as:

  • wondering about their child’s suitability for a dance career
  • want to learn how to best support their children’s development in dance
  • learn more about the dance industry
  • professional ballet pathway planning
  • ballet audition filming etc.



Where your child’s regular dance school is open to a collaborative approach, we prefer to work openly as a team together with his/her other teachers, believing wholeheartedly that each teacher brings a unique perspective that, if conveyed collaboratively and thoughtfully, may add value to a young dancer’s training programme without causing confusion or contradictory messages. We promote the utmost respect toward all of his/her teachers and take a forward-thinking approach that together, we can achieve more. We do understand that not all in the ballet world have “caught up” with the idea of collaboration, so if necessary, however, lessons may be taken in strict confidence to discreetly work toward personal goals.