What People Say

Kate is without a doubt the reason why my daughter is where she is today in her ballet journey. The quality of training and knowledge she received as a young ballet student was outstanding. Kate‘s intuition coupled with an ability to connect with her ballet students was an honour to observe. The ballet intelligence Kate bestowed upon my daughter was and is still evident today, she made her mark on her that is for certain. I am eternally grateful to Kate for guiding my daughter to her future, she should be very proud.  


Mother,  pre-professional student, now in graduate year at the Australian Ballet School.

You must have a magical potion when it comes to inspiring young male ballet students Kate – 4 boys into our training programme…a record, I would think! Congratulations on whatever magic you bestow! Thank you for all you do for the talented students that you send on to us at the ABS. It is important to acknowledge their original teacher/s, as without you, these talented young students may never be inspired to train at any level at all. Any success a student may have in his future, is always the product of many influences (teachers) that guide each step

along the steep road.


Leigh Rowles, After School Programme & ITP Director, The Australian Ballet School

I started training under Miss Kate when I was 9 years old. At that time, I had barely any ballet training but I was passionate about becoming a professional ballet dancer.  Miss Kate pushed me to improve every class and I never expected that I would improve so drastically! Miss Kate is firm yet so supportive both mentally and physically. She made me enjoy the hard work and sweat that it took to get me where I am today.  She is a top notch teacher who teaches from her heart. Thank you for everything!


Full-time student. 

Let’s start the journey together.

My daughter has been under Miss Kate’s training for over 6 years. Miss Kate is a highly talented teacher who is passionate and dedicated in her teaching.  I am amazed at how much my daughter has accomplished under her professional Russian Vaganova training. I am filled with gratitude for the love and support that my daughter has received over the years. Thank you Miss Kate.


Mother, full-time dance student.  

Kate is wonderful teacher who is very experienced in training children of all ages in ballet with a strong foundation in Russian technique, artistry and Russian Character Dance.  My daughter started ballet with Kate when she was 5 years old and she blossomed as a dancer with confidence, a strong mind set, technique, artistry and a pure enjoyment of the art form.  During the 7 years Kate prepared her and gave her many opportunities which led her to being accepted into the Australian Ballet School.  In those years I have seen her mentorship and dedication for all her students in pursuing their dance pathways. I am very grateful for all Kate has done for my daughter and its so lovely how she stays in touch and maintains a close friendship… just so special.  


Mother, pre-professional student, now at The Australian Ballet School