Personalised ballet coaching: How it works

1st session

Our comprehensive coaching programme begins with a diagnostic Dance Assessment, to independently analyse technical and artistic strengths, and areas for improvement. Kate Reilly will lead the student though a simple, short ballet class. This is not an exam, and there is nothing to prepare – in fact, it’s best not to prepare at all so that we can see how the student naturally moves! Subsequently, Kate draws on a comprehensive coaching curriculum to design a personalised programme, addressing key areas for maximum impact.

2nd and subsequent sessions

Students will begin learning the coaching programme from the 2nd session (scheduled shortly after the 1st) and will be presented with a take-home copy to work on. In order for any coaching to be effective, it is essential that students work independently between sessions – practise makes progress!

As the student improves, the programme will be progressed to continually keep them working at a “just right” level of challenge.


Usually, students attend coaching weekly to supplement the core curriculum at their chosen ballet school. Commonly, this might be on weekends or, if mutually suitable, a weeknight.  Some families prefer holiday coaching intensives, e.g. 6 – 10 sessions over school holidays, rather than spaced throughout the school term. This is ideal for those traveling from regional Victoria or interstate, as well as local dancers juggling an already heavy load during the school term. 


Coaching duration can be short-term or last for many years. Short-term coaching can assist dancers with more immediate goals, such as feeling more confident for an upcoming exam or preparing audition videos. Long-term coaching provides young dancers with the training and guidance they need to attain high-level goals, such as eventual acceptance into European finishing schools or tertiary dance programs. Kate also enjoys providing ongoing mentorship to former students around the world. 

    “ Without Miss Kate’s meticulous teaching I would have never been able to achieve what I have so far! 

    – Pre-professional ballet student, now training in Europe.