Healthy movement (the benefits of ballet, without the barre…) 

You don’t need to learn ballet, to reap the benefits of a dancer’s specialised body conditioning regimen. Learn accessible exercises to carefully strengthen and stretch all your major muscle groups, improving your alignment, posture, muscle tone, circulation, equilibrium and wellbeing. Often performed by dancers in the gym as a form of cross-training or rehabilitation, the exercises you will learn at DDM can be practised at lifelong home, at your own pace, in your own time, without the need for dance training, gym memberships or fancy equipment. They are equally beneficial for men and women of all ages, including the elderly looking to improve & maintain health. Programs can range from slow and gentle (ideal for those just starting out) to more energetic. Ultimately, I aim to equip you with the knowledge and skill to tune your own body, in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you may travel) for life, using mostly your own body weight, with a minimum of equipment.

 Physical health 

  • Better circulation, promoting proper and efficient function of your lungs, heart and muscles
  • Improved strength and flexibility, benefitting posture, gait, mobility and overall physical function
  • Reduced stiffness and pain, such as sciatica, back pain and injuries
  • Healthier movement patterns carry over into everyday activities such as walking, sitting, driving etc.  

Mental health 

  • Exercise such as ballet releases mood-boosting chemicals like endorphins and serotonin.
  • It gets you out in the world, connecting you with others and reducing loneliness or isolation 
  • Regular exercise can reduce stress, depression and anxiety. 
  • Pump blood to the brain, heightening mental alertness and improving learning and memory.
  • Strengthens the connections between neurons, protecting your brain against injury and disease.
  • Improves your sleep

Spiritual health

  • Awaken your artistic side through the enjoyment of dancing to classical music
  • Discover a new passion or re-ignite an old one
  • Continue to learn and grow no matter what your age – you are only as old as you feel!
  • Make new social connections
  • Invest in yourself through continuous growth and engaging in valuable “me” time with a multitude of health benefits

Healthy movement coaching is suitable for: 

  • All ages, regardless of fitness level or weight
  • Anyone wanting to improve physical function including co-ordination, balance, flexibility, strength

Our expertise 

Kate Reilly began teaching adults in 2008, when she founded the Melbourne School of Classical Dance (MSCD). She takes pride in teaching her students the proper techniques to exercise safely and successfully, no matter what their age. Kate’s interest in the benefits of dance conditioning for non-dancers began when a family member was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Working together daily, over the course of ten days on a family holiday, Kate witnessed the remarkable improvements in health, wellbeing, strength, agility and coordination that these exercises brought about. Now studying a Masters in Occupational Therapy, Kate maintains a strong interest in the therapeutic benefits of dance for individuals of all ages and abilities. You can read more about Kate’s background here. 

    “I trained with Kate for several years. Her attention to detail, emphasis on technique, and dedication are second to none. Kate’s track record in helping students to achieve amazing results speaks for itself. If you want to learn from the best classical ballet teacher in Melbourne, see Kate.

    – Michaela, adult ballet student.